On the Court in Croatia

In Croatia, Youth for Christ is using basketball, the second most popular sport in the nation after soccer, in reaching young people with the Gospel. This month Youth for Christ Croatia will work with 150 young people in two 4J camps. “4J means ‘For Jesus,’” explained Siniša, coordinator of Youth for Christ’s outreach in Šibenik, Croatia.
In the beginning I was looking for a way in,” said Siniša. “So, we started basketball camps. We have had six camps with around 100 kids for each camp, teaching basketball and life values based on Jesus’ teaching.
God is using these camps to open doors for sharing the Gospel. “Kids are delighted because through teaching them basketball we show them love and respect. We teach them values that kids are not used to getting from their trainers. For many of them this is unlike any experience they have had and it is a new way of learning basketball by showing them more love, not just straight rules without compassion and motivation.”