Armenians Suffering in Conflict With Azerbaijan

In a heart-wrenching statement, Arev, the National Director of Youth for Christ (YFC) in Armenia, expressed the dire circumstances unfolding in the region. With anguish in her voice, she declared, “This is a terrible situation. I never thought we would witness a second Genocide. 120,000 souls, including 30,000 innocent children, have endured nine months of unimaginable suffering – cut off from food, electricity, and gas.

The crisis began on September 19th when Azerbaijan launched a large-scale offensive against Artsakh, swiftly occupying numerous villages and cities, eventually reaching the city of Stepanakert. The toll of this merciless aggression is staggering, with 200 lives lost in a single day, among them children, civilians, and 400 others left wounded.

Among those trapped in this perilous situation is Christina, a dedicated YFC staff member residing in Stepanakert with her husband and three young children. They find themselves besieged, grappling with hunger and profound fear. Despite their desperate plight, Azerbaijan has yet to open a humanitarian corridor, leaving them trapped in a perilous situation. Arev shared her deep concern, emphasizing, “Azerbaijan’s intentions remain ominous; they seem intent on further aggression against Armenia. We implore you to keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

YFC Armenia had been providing crucial support to the people of Artsakh through two day centers and a Super Woman club. The poignant photograph of the Askeran day care center captures a heartbreaking moment when children were innocently enjoying lunch, only for their world to be shattered by Azerbaijani bombings.

The region remains in the grip of a harrowing crisis, with the people of Artsakh facing an uncertain future. The international community’s attention and assistance are desperately needed to alleviate the suffering and prevent further devastation in this conflict-stricken area.