The Logo

The Logo and Its Meaning

The Logo and Its Meaning

Prominently displayed is the international symbol for humanity. People, not programs, are the priority of Youth for Christ. This person with arms outstretched expresses the energy of youth, as well as the importance of worshipping the Lord and sharing the “good news.” Overlaying the person is the cross of Jesus Christ, symbolising the Lordship of Christ over one’s life and the message that salvation comes through what Christ accomplished on the cross.

Secondary in the symbol are the lines representing the globe. As these lines are incomplete, so is the task of living out and sharing the gospel with all people. The converging lines suggest that Christians globally work together in giving every young person an opportunity to be a follower of Christ.

In the countries around the world where the ministry of Youth for Christ can also be known as “YFC,” these letters are the elements out of which the person and world emerge. In the countries that do not use these initials, the person and globe symbolism simply communicates the mission we all share.

Finally, these design elements are positioned on a strong, square field, reflecting the four fundamentals of Youth for Christ leadership: godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, boldness in evangelism, and commitment to social involvement.

The current logo was accepted as the official logo at the Youth for Christ International board meeting on July 7th, 1976, and presented to, and adopted by, the global Youth for Christ movement at the World Convocation in Jamaica in 1977.