Global Day of Prayer & Fasting

Youth for Christ ministry leaders from all over the globe invite you to participate in the Global Day of Prayer and Fasting the first Monday of each month.

It’s a chance for us as a global ministry to unite together in prayer to see God do an amazing work in the young people we serve. You can unite in whatever way suits your ministry context, even joining with another Youth for Christ nation or ministry site over Zoom. We encourage you to set aside this time as a vital part of our ministry.

If you would like a promo video in another language, please email [email protected].

The mission of Youth for Christ to reach every young person was founded in prayer and is sustained by prayer. Therefore, we uphold values and practices that help saturate our movement in prayer. These practices include a monthly call to prayer and fasting. On the first Monday of every month, Youth for Christ globally joins together in prayer and fasting for every young person. From Botswana to Brazil, from Thailand to Ukraine, we pray and fast in two ways:

  • We pray for every young person to know and be transformed by Jesus
  • We pray for more labourers in the harvest (Matthew 9:38) 

In addition to the Global Day of Prayer & Fasting Practical Guide, here are some resources to complement your monthly call to prayer and fasting
Contact our prayer team at [email protected] for more information.