The Board of Trustees

The Board

Youth for Christ International is grateful for the men and women who have served, and are serving, as Board of Trustee members. Over the decades they have provided leadership and governance to a large and diverse movement that spans the globe.

Subject to the constitution and by-laws of Youth for Christ International, the Board of Trustees shall be the governing body of Youth for Christ International and shall represent the interests of Youth for Christ as a whole.

  • Anbahan Ariadurai Sri Lanka

  • Dave Brereton Canada

  • Jozef Gabor Austria

  • Nneka Nwobi Nigeria/USA

  • Nthenya Macharia (Board Chair) Kenya

  • Ruslan Stanga Moldova

  • Tommy Stewart Northern Ireland


Subject to the provisions laid down in the constitution, the Board of Trustees shall have the following powers and responsibilities:

  • to ensure that the vision/destination of the ministry is clear
  • to guard the mission of the ministry
  • to ensure that all legal requirements are met
  • to appoint the International Director/CEO, establish International Director/CEO performance requirements, and evaluate the International Director/CEO
  • to hold the International Director/CEO accountable
  • to review and approve planned outcomes and strategies to achieve them
  • to monitor performance of planned outcomes
  • to assist in and monitor the acquisition and allocation of resources necessary to achieve planned outcomes
  • to review and approve the budgets of Youth for Christ International
  • to represent the interests of the ministry as a whole
  • to guard the ministry’s public image
  • to ensure an adequate leadership succession plan
  • to ensure adequate communication with the field
  • to measure and upgrade Board performance
  • to establish and maintain an Executive Limitations policy