Former President Praises Burkina Faso Ministry

From Gerry O. Gallimore, Ambassador At Large
My primary ministry was with an AoG church in the capital city of Ouagadougou, celebrating its 20th anniversary. Their small chapel was crammed to overflowing for each service, filled with joyous, torrid worship as only the African people can do. It was extremely hot in the very crowded Chapel. I had an excellent translator and felt the anointing of God in every meeting. I was privileged to have the king (yes, the king!) in one of the meetings and he invited the pastor to bring me by his palace to have prayer with him. That turned out to be a very special two hour visit which I will long remember!

I spent very valuable hours with the Youth for Christ National Director, Paul Kabore and his staff. Paul took me on tour of the Youth for Christ property in the city housing four major buildings for administration, youth events, a radio station and a school providing education for 1500 students from kindergarten through high school.

I was blown away and challenged by what I saw! Solid buildings made of concrete and steel, on par with buildings anywhere. I was impressed with the evidence of Paul’s leadership and with the excellent team of committed staff carrying on the ministry of Youth for Christ. Burkina Faso is a poor country indeed but I left there praising God for the quality of ministry, for the leadership, vision and accomplishments for the kingdom which I saw in the both Youth for Christ and the Assemblies of God denomination.