Gospel Reaching Hundreds in Sierra Leone

From Abu S. Conteh, National Director

The Lord is worthy to be praised for all that He accomplished in the month of September.


Through the Youth Guidance team, new ministry has started with the physically challenged (disabled) in Kenema. Working with them has been encouraging. They are receptive to the word of God; 10-15 of them attend weekly gatherings. Help us pray as we meet some of their needs and address some of their challenges.


Two guests from USA, Mr. Thomas Dickerson- worship leader of Mountain West Church Georgia and Dr. John Boyd visited Sierra Leone.  Activities undertaken during their visit included pastor’s conferences in Freetown and Kenema with an average attendance of 200. The main focus of these conferences was on the ‘Urgency of the gospel and the essential truth about evangelism’. They did evangelistic musical concerts in Tombo, Red Pump community in Freetown, Christians in Action Church, Kenema and Bo. These attracted hundreds of young people and adults. They also did ministry at elementary and high schools in Freetown and Kenema. Gospel tracts were given to all those who attended and a copy of the book of John was given to the young people who prayed to receive Christ. A total of 800 copies were given to people who prayed to accept Christ during their one week visit.

Ministry was also done with the physically challenged; about 40 people were attracted to the meeting; 27 prayed to receive Christ.


We have created a partnership relationship with the office of the ombudsman in Kenema to help us look into judicial matters of inmates who are unjustly detained.  We are also working in close collaboration with Full Gospel men’s fellowship to organize a seminar for youth in Freetown on the topic, ‘Youth and their Challenges’.


Follow up was done with 75 young people and 27 were reachable with 17 of those now part of our discipleship class. Ministry was also done at the Government Hospital. Amongst those who prayed to receive Christ were 19 young people whose names were taken and now being followed up in their homes.

Pray for the new G-21 club that has been established in Kenema as they hope to meet every Tuesday.
An average number of 29 young people were reached at the Kenema state prison, 32 prayed to receive Christ.