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Summer Trip

Żaneta, Magda and their 1to1 summer holidays with 3 youngsters

Our three mentored youngsters had been looking forward to their trip to Tarnowskie Góry for a long time. Ola did not want to hear about any other camp or trip- “The best holidays are with Żaneta and Magda”- she kept repeating. The younger sisters kept saying like enchanted: “ We will go on a trip with our mentors.” Such high expectations made us a little bit nervous that we will not meet them. But we decided to organize a week-long trip to Silesia. Żaneta wrote a letter to potential sponsors and intercessors. We managed to raise enough funds and in mid-August three teenage girls went on their long-dreamt-of holiday with us, their mentors.

So what did we do? Normal things: shopping, cooking Ola’s favorite spaghetti, Jagoda’s favourite cucumber soup, going swimming and bowling, but most of all- spending time together. We walked and talked every day – talked about little and serious things. The girls were eager to ask many questions such as: where do clouds come from? Or “What happens after death?” A week went by quickly.

We will remember long a great atmosphere that accompanied us during our outing to the zip line park in the mountains or during a special dinner in “Pasibrzuch” or a trip “around the Word” in the Miniature Park. We shared a great time, the best we could give to the girls. Our ties strengthened. We could encourage the girls to seek true meaning to their lives and show them that one can live a different life than what they are used to. Our mentored girls came back happy because they spent great holidays eating ice-cream and experiencing something interesting with us. So our summer this trip turned out to be very successful.

Summer Holiday

This year once again, Kasia and I spent part of summer holidays in my home town, Bielsk Podlaski. We were there nearly three weeks. Our trip started very early- at the train station. The train station in Wroclaw is under construction so we had to wait for the necessary info on a platform number in a temporary train station building. The info was not showing till the last minute. So we had to run to the right platform, get on the train and find a seat. So that is how this year’s adventure started. I wonder whether you will guess which bag is whose ;-)…Ok, will give you a hint- Kasia’s is blue 🙂 (here you can see more pictures)

Our journey was pretty long – 8.5 hrs. We slept, we played cards and talked. Kasia even tried her photographic skills and took a few photos with my phone. I also ended up as our photographer. Then the station of our destination came. My mum came to pick us up. It took us another hour to get to the end of our travelling. Fortunately it went by quickly. My dog welcomed us all with great joy. At home, Kasia unpacked in the room prepared especially for her and that is how the first day ended.

Just like last year, Kasia wanted to participate in the Vacation Bible Club for kids from Bielsk Podlaski that is run at my church every summer. So at first we spent our time preparing for the VBC, but also swimming in a pool, walking, eating ice-cream and playing board games.

I happened to have my birthday when Kasia was around. So we both went to Bialowieża with some of my friends. The only thing that did not work then was weather, but the outing was great anyway. On our way back home we stopped in Hajnówka to see the Miniature Monuments of Podlasie.

During the Vacation Bible Club, Kasia was in the oldest group. It was a fun time for her but also a great time to get to know God better through learning Bible stories, memorizing Bible verses and learning praise songs. I believe that what Kasia heard will stay in her heart and bear fruit in the future.

When the club was over, we stayed in Bielsk for a few more days. Then we set off for Wroclaw. Our journey was again long but fun. This time we were on a “no-compartment” train. For Kasia it was her first trip on such a train. So after long hours we arrived in Wroclaw in one piece and happy.

Preparing for a New School Year

Thanks to everyone who gave recently to support Youth for Christ in Poland.

We managed to raise 740 polish złoty, which is a huge help to our 1 to1 Contact kids.



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