Youth Heroes Honoured at British Parliament

Wirral Youth for Christ (Great Britain) believe that young people have the potential to change their world for the better. It’s not just words, or a nice sound bite, but a sincere belief. The Youth Heroes Award is just one of the ways they express this.

The Youth Heroes award publicly affirms and thanks a number of very special young people who stand out as being inspirational to their peers – those whom members of the public have deemed to be community heroes.

One of the desires for the Youth Heroes Awards is to encourage and inspire other young people to do something special. It’s about the belief that with the right encouragement every young person can make a difference.

Youth for Christ in Wirral, UK, are passionately committed to working alongside others to see young people’s potential realised. This desire is motivated by their belief that every young person is worthy of their best.

Youth for Christ and their Youth Heroes project were recently honoured with an Inspire Award at a Parliamentary reception. While most of the debating in both houses was focused on the conduct of the press, Youth for Christ was being recognised for putting young people’s stories of hope on the front pages.

Additionally, Youth for Christ in Wirral came in second at the Jerusalem Awards for Religious Broadcasting for a short film they made for their work in schools. To learn more, visit