NastyaNastya  knew about God since she was little. Her grandmother told her about Him. She did not understand who God was, but as she says, “in my little heart I already believed that He exists!

One summer afternoon, returning from a walk, Nastya’s attention was drawn toward a Youth for Christ program, which was taking place near the cinema. It caught her attention not only because of the games and competitions, but also because she heard the word of God.

Eventually, Nastya began attending the Christian children’s club every Sunday. From her club leaders, she learned about God’s love – of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice. One special leader, named Nadia, was used by God to speak to Nastya’s heart. Every time Nastya came to visit her, Nadia would talk about how God was working in her life. Looking at her, Nastya saw a true faith in practice. In her own words, “The Word of God was sown in my heart and I began to realize that there was another way to live your life – not like my peers did.” She began following Jesus at the age of 12.

Now an active member of her local church, Nastya teaches the Bible to other children, believing that God sows His Word in their hearts.

She has wonderful Christian friends who support and help her in her walk with Jesus. Her dream is that through her life, her family and friends would come to know Jesus also.