Over the past year, a large fund has enabled Youth for Christ in Armenia to reach out and to support children at risk, adolescents and their families – especially those who were affected by the Artsakh war.
YFC Armenia has had the opportunity to open 9 new day care centers with local churches. Additionally, they have established 12 new clubs for young girls, where they acquire new life skills and discover their abilities and talents. The “SuperWoman” program is serving the girls well in this contet.
It has been almost a year since they invested all their time and potential to properly implement this project. Many local churches, especially in the Artsakh Republic, found it difficult to decide to cooperate, as the situation in Artsakh is still tense. People live in an atmosphere of fear, ready to leave the Artsakh again at any moment to save their lives.
Please pray for YFC Armenia’s national director, Arev, who is doing a great job with her team serving the Artsakh community.