At 14 years old, Vika is the eldest in her family. She also has a younger brother and sister. Her parents are divorced. Her mother has not been a great example for her, as she has had many men in her life – and now there is a new man again.

Vika has a good relationship with her father, and even lives with him from time to time. He takes care of her financially.

From childhood, Vika kept to herself, jealously noting that her mother paid more attention to her younger siblings and the men in her life.

Vika spends most of her time on the street and comes to various Christian meetings because she has no other places to go. She studies in the 9th grade at school, and is very active in school but is a weak student in learning and discipline, with a reputation for arguing with teachers. But she is talented at drawing and sculpting.

Last summer Vika attended a Youth for Christ  camp in the Ukraine, and after that began to come to their Day Care centre.

Please pray for her, that she will come to know Jesus Christ as her Savior. Pray also  for God’s work in her family, and for God’s healing of Vika’s lonely heart.