Ukraine Youth Leaders Learning About Teams

“Know your team” was the overall theme of the 7th session of the Leadership School for youth club leaders of Youth for Christ in Ukraine. The event was held in Irpin on November 2-3. Altogether, 30 leaders and ministers from 14 churches of different cities of Ukraine participated.

In the beginning, Sergey Kolesnikov, a pastor of Irpin Bible Church led participants in prayer and shared God’s word.

All seminars led by YFC speakers Andrey Talko and Alexander Dubinin motivated and educated participants how to know people in the teams better. Practical tests and assignments helped to define the type of each temperament and character. Participants also learned more about the effective work in a team with different types of people and how to find the right place for everybody in the team and in the ministry.

Fun and team games also taught unity and teamwork. During the forum everyone could share his/her knowledge and experience in different areas of leadership, responding to problems and issues. At the end of the session, participants received certificates for completing their training.

God miraculously blessed the team’s time together, and after two days of training many participants were ready to make serious changes, to train others and improve their ministry for the Lord.

I learned how to determine your personality type, what are the strengths and weaknesses of all types, and how to recruit people for the team. Also I decided to explore the types of personalities of my family to help everyone to use their potential. (Anne C.)

More deeply I learned about the characteristics of different types of personalities, and saw how they cooperate with each other. I decided to pass this information to my team. (Vitali F.)

I understood that everybody is important in the team and therefore all we should change is the attitude toward each other. (Katya K.)

Please pray for the participants and their decisions, that God will nurture their leadership skills and gave wisdom in team ministry.