Commercial Sex Workers, Rastafarians Among People Served in Sierra Leone

by Abu S Conteh
Youth for Christ in Sierra Leone would like to acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ, in whom we trust. He deserves our sincere thanks in the process of reaching out to the youth of Sierra Leone. In Him we move, live and have our being.


There is determination to win the lost at all cost and catch them young for Jesus. By His Grace a Youth for Christ children’s club has been established in the community. The club was to target street children but others who wanted to be part of the club couldn’t be turned away. Eighteen children ages 4-12 werecontacted: eight non-school going kids, two orphans, and four street kids (mostly girls).


These four wonderful children pictured above have one thing in common:  the need for love, care and protection. They either peddle or hustle in the streets to make ends meet. They have never been to school but earnestly desire to be, and they represent a future untold. Please pray for them.


Ministry in this community is with Rastafarians (“Rastas”). Youth for Christ staff preach as the Rastas fume them with marijuana—but they listen keenly. They have great potential but lack passion in life not withstanding the few with high hopes.

We covet your prayers for their salvation and growth in the Lord.


Valuable time was spent teaching about the benefits of God’s love to an average of 29 students each week. The result of such a venture is pleasant to the ears:

I, Marie Bangura, will remain a virgin until marriage and refrain from boyfriends until I complete my education….”

Receiving a hand written letter from this young lady was so refreshing. Please remember her in your prayers as she walks with the Lord each day.


On the 20th October 2012, a central meeting was organized in which 108 young people were in attendance. The main focus was on HIV/Aids awareness and promoting violence-free elections. Representatives from Attitudinal and Behavioral Change and the National AIDS secretariat facilitated the discussion sessions.

We hope to see young people abstain from these vices prior, during and after the election.


A few new ministry initiatives have been established: International School and a G21 Club at Seltral Kroo Street.

Members of the G21 club were contacted and there are nine attending club at present. Ministry has begun with the Fire Force department in Freetown and we are very grateful for such an open door.

Ministry has also started to commercial sex workers at the Cockle Bay area meeting with a handful of young girls.

Join us in prayer as we trust the Lord for a sense of direction in all of these new opportunities.


Family ministry was held with four families in Freetown, mostly women and children. These families are so eager that Benita urged us to be there every Sunday.

In Kenema, the family of Patrick Mustapha was traced and his wife and children were contacted and asked to give him their support. The wife responded that she does not want to see him anymore and that her prayer is that he dies in prison because of what he has done to the family. She ended her response in tears. After lengthy visits and encouragement for about six months, the children began supporting Patrick. He has been released from prison and is living happily with his family. He was introduced to Rev. Richard Anderson of Wisdom Assembly of God;  Patrick and his families are now part of the church.

By His grace, a training on Developing Leaders of Godly Character was organized and 90 prison and 8 Fire Force officers were in attendance. The focus was raising leaders who will live out vision, passion, integrity and courage wherever they find themselves in the society.


In a bid to encourage staff and volunteers to pray in their ministry sites for the people they are working with, a couple of hours was spent praying in the various ministry sites, handing over these sites to the Lord and praying over the future of our young people. Pray that the seeds planted will grow and blossom.


  • Peaceful, free, fair and transparent elections on the 17th November
  • Successful leadership trainings for all the ‘Hannahs’ (prayer mothers) on the 3rd November and for a refreshing prayer and planning retreat they will have starting November 30th
  • A successful meeting with parents and pupils of the Annie Walsh Memorial school as the first of a family ministry series with them is hosted on 3rd November
  • For God to supply all our needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus