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Thousands of refugees are coming into Europe every day. As Christians, we want to act and offer hospitality and care for the weak, as Jesus taught us to do.

A new app has been launched in the Netherlands to assist refugees in locating refugee camps, free WiFi locations, public transport, and hospitals. Additionally, it will also show interesting events for newcomers and there will be helpful videos about language, culture and more. The first phase is available on the App Store and Google Play.

In this first phase, the app contains “points of interest” in the Netherlands (and already some other countries). Additionally, the app helps refugees to communicate with Europeans, through its bilingual display. There is also a clear description of the norms and values of each country in several languages, where users can make the connection with Christian values and faith.

The app also contains a huge number of common sentences and phrases in the languages of the refugees, so that they can communicate all through Europe.

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(source: European Evangelical Alliance)