Youth for Christ plays a Levitical role for this generation. Sure, you might say, the Levites had no ministry choice – they were born into servitude as children of Levi. But the Levites recognized that this was about something greater than a tribe or an individual – this was a holy ushering, bringing people into the presence of their Creator God. Prayer, worship, warfare, instruction, fundraising . . . all were part and parcel of a Levites life. As you read these passages today, ask yourself, “In what ways is YFC Levitical in my community, in my country? What are my specific Levitical duties as I serve with YFC? How can increase my Levitical service and encourage my fellow Levites on our missional journey?” At least one of these roles or Scriptures may speak particularly to you; meditate on it. Rejoice in your calling.

The Levites of old carried the responsibilities of Israel in every way. They literally carried the tents and the elements for worship and led Israel in worship and prayer. They led armies into battle. The Levites were Heavenly Soldiers with Earthly Duties. They were leaders and facilitators. They were celebrants, making much of the Joy of the Lord!

2 Chronicles 20; 20,21

He appointed those who should sing to the LORD, and who should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army and were saying: “Praise the LORD, For His mercy endures forever.”

Levites taught first and foremost through their lifestyle and dedication to the service of the Lord. They taught by being surrendered to Gods purposes. They taught by leaning in to His anointing and appointing. They allowed themselves to be “set apart” for the service of the Lord.

We ask the Lord to help us be holy vessels who are “set apart” as the Levites were. Youth for Christ has a spiritual obligation to go into the entire world and instruct teenagers to obey everything Jesus has commanded them to do. And, that His commands are both for their provision and protection.

Deut. 33:10

Instruct the people in the law.

What are we instructing teenagers with? One of our desires is to see teenagers engage the bible. We help them to fall in love with the Author of this amazing love letter called scripture. We introduce them to the fact that “every promise in the book is mine! Every chapter, every verse and every line.” We encourage them to mediate on His Word and to wrap themselves up in His truth. We are intentional and deliberate about saying Jesus and about placing Scripture into their hands and hearts.

Youth for Christ has been commissioned by God to be like Levites for this generation – to share with teenagers that today is the day of Salvation and to celebrate that God is both Emmanuel and Prince of Peace!

Special Note: On July 1st, we appointed a key Levitical leader in Youth for Christ. Adam Shepski, ably assisted by his precious wife Melissa, has agreed to be our Global Prayer Catalyst. He will be leading our movement in all matters intercessory. Adam is generously sent out to all of us by YFC Canada. He helped lead us in prayer during our General Assembly in Thailand. He is excited about serving each of you prayerfully and evangelistically.