Sandy Mira became a Christian in Madagascar in the year 2000 . His training and development since that time has been intense. He has been discipled, mentored and coached. He led ministry teams, was taught English and was involved in radio ministry for three years. Youth for Christ gave him overseas training exposure and he attended the Youth for Christ Emerging Young Leaders Conference in Brazil in 2003. He completed a three year diploma course under Youth for Christ and attended the Youth for Christ Evangelism School.

Youth for Christ exposed him to every aspect of the ministry: board involvement, financial management, administration, computer skills, prayer, evangelism, social involvement, pioneering and leadership. For three years he wrote weekly radio scripts and did his own power point presentations. He is a dynamic trainer, speaker and rapper. This multi-talented young man has a servant’s heart, and is creative, hard working and passionate about reaching young people with the gospel.

Fianarantsoa, Madagascar has a population of 2.7 million people and is the province of the Betsileo tribe. It is situated on the southern part of the Madagascar highlands. They have 29 high schools, 1 university, 1 football field, 1 resource centre, and 1 gymnasium that is under construction. This province has a high unemployment rate with drugs and alcoholism the major problems among the young people. Children as young as twelve years of age are sexually active.

Youth for Christ has made frequent mission trips to this region speaking to community, political and church leaders.

Sandy is trusting God in this challenge to reach young people in this the huge province for Christ.

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