Shawn’s father left his mother before Shawn was born. His mother immigrated to Canada when he was a baby, leaving him in the care of a great aunt. When Shawn was 10 years old, his great aunt immigrated to the USA, leaving Shawn to fend for himself. He survived by growing and selling marijuana. Shawn lived alone in his great aunt’s house from the time he was 10 until he was 15, when a cousin who was deported from the USA for criminal activity moved in with him. The cousin was abusive and life became unbearably miserable.

One day when he was 17 years old, Shawn despaired of life.  At that moment, he heard God say to him “Get up and go to church.” Shawn got up and started walking, not knowing where he might go to church. A car stopped and the driver asked if he needed a ride somewhere. It turned out that the people in the car were going to church, so Shawn went with them. At that church service, an alter call was given and Shawn started his relationship with God. Shawn was called “one suit” by other young people in the church, because he had only one set of clothes.

Shortly after coming to Christ, Shawn became involved with the Youth for Christ ministry. He loved that fact that he was accepted at Youth for Christ and he was discipled by the Youth for Christ leaders. Shawn has remained actively involved in Youth for Christ for the past 17 years, holding a variety of roles in the ministry.

Shawn Roberts now serves as the evangelism Coordinator for Youth for Christ St. Vincent. At 34 years old, he is passionate about reaching lost young people with the gospel. His motto is “Reaching the lost, at all cost.” Shawn works as an office attendant in a government office, and gives his time and energy generously and enthusiastically in mobilizing and organizing Youth for Christ’s evangelism outreach ministries in St. Vincent.

St. Vincent is a small island with a population of about 120,00 people. All of the Youth for Christ workers in St. Vincent are volunteers. Shawn is truly a “home-grown” Youth for Christ leader, like so many of our leaders who began their involvement as young people being ministered to by Youth for Christ.