rose from seychelles“I like to read”, Rose said. “What is your favorite book?” I asked. “The Bible”, she responded much to my surprise. She went on to explain the books in the Bible she had already read, at only 13 years old, and why she liked them: Ruth, because she was a strong woman; John, because it talks a lot about Jesus; Revelation and Psalms, because she feels they have a lot of application for her life. I was happy to hear that she had taken the challenge to read the Bible that we had given months earlier.

Rose went on to share how when she began coming to Campus Life last year she had been in a lot of trouble in school. She had even been suspended. She knew she needed to change her life so she began attending Campus Life and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior the first week she came. She was so proud as she shared how she had changed and was no longer getting in trouble at school and how she felt that Campus Life had changed her future.