Mervin Pool Appointed New National Director for Seychelles

After much searching, a new Director has been appointed for the Youth for Christ ministry in Seychelles. Mervin Pool has thirteen years of ministry experience. He started the first College ministry in Seychelles and then became the first ever missionary to be sent from Seychelles. Mervin has worked in Kenya and Mauritius but has now settled back into Seychelles with his wife Natalie, whom he met in Mauritius. They are joined also by their children, Shannon and Noah. Mervin is well known and well respected in Seychelles.

unnamed(1)Mervin spent his first months back in Seychelles as a Campus Life Director, but was recently approved by the National Board to become the National Director Candidate. This means that Mervin will be training over the next few months to become the National Director.

Please pray Mervin and his family as they embark on this journey and continue to make the transition of leadership in Seychelles. Also pray for the volunteers, staff, and Board during this transition time.

The transition also marks a significant milestone for Brian & Melissa Verdugo, previous coordinators for ministry in Seychelles, as it has always been the plan to have the ministry fully indigenous.