Role Playing Games Introducing Youth to Jesus in Taiwan

Every summer Youth for Christ in Taiwan reaches out to non-Christian young people through the running of reality Role Playing Games (RPGs). With the help of specifically filmed micro-films and role playing activities, the 3-hour program focuses on the inner crises and challenges faced by youth, and shares the good news of salvation.

This year’s RPG games, named “The Trial of the Holy Goblet,” are helping students see the contrast between the world’s values (achievement, fame wealth, popularity, and physical appearance) and the values that Jesus preached.

At the beginning of this year’s program, each team put forward a captain to the “Imperial College” which promises to train and lead their team to success. Only after the team captain is chosen do the teams find out that a wicked headmaster intent on holding their team’s captain “captive” and leading them to destruction runs the “college”. The goal for each of the teams is to rescue their captain by playing RPGs, during which they learn the truth of God’s values. In addition to the fun of the reality RPG program, students learn the plan of salvation and are given the opportunity to invite Jesus to be Lord of their lives.

Throughout July and August Youth for Christ has 5 RPG programs scheduled for the cities of Taipei, Taichung, and Kaohsiung, each with between 80-100 young people. The final event is scheduled for 13 August at which 900 young people are expected to gather (majority are non-Christians).

Please continue to pray with and for Youth for Christ in Taiwan as they bring the Truth of the Gospel to the lives of young people in Taiwan.