A Night of Celebration

About 150 people (staff and supporters) gathered at a hall near Seoul Train Station on Thursday, 11 July to give thanks for the newly appointed National Director, Byungchae Choi and to declare a fresh start for the ministry of Youth for Christ in Korea.

Part of the program included the appointment of an honorary ambassador for the ministry in Korea: pianist Isadora Kim.

Miss Kim, a South Korean, was raised in Vietnam, but is most notable for her achievement of learning to play piano through YouTube video clips when her parents could not support her lessons.

In 2011 Isadora Kim performed 4 piano concertos with members of the Vietnam National Symphony Orchestra & Jerusalem Orchestra at Carnegie Hall in New York. She said at the Night of Celebration that she would do her best to help Youth for Christ reach out to young people as they share the Gospel.

Sodoo, National Co-ordinator of Mongolia (with Tim Byungchae Choi) sharing his testimony with young people at Samil Technology High School in June.