Rodrigues Island Ministry Report

From Dickson Azie, National Coordinator for Rodrigues Island

  • Rodrigues will be chartered this year in September 2011 during the General Assembly, which will take place in Denver, Colorado. It is an honour and joy for the island.
  • Ministry Centre

    Ministry Centre

    We are looking forward to opening a library in one of the rooms of the ministry centre, with many Christian books covering topics concerning young people. The youth can come and spend time in reading books and we will seize this opportunity to talk to them and counsel them and answer their questions.

  • In the coming days we will hopefully start a new ministry in the prison. I’ve already had a first meeting with the authorities, and the project was welcomed and they are keen to allow us to minister to the young people in prison for the moment. An official letter of permission has already been forwarded to them and they already acknowledged it. Another meeting will be held in the future for further development. Please support this prison ministry project in prayer as the prisoners are often difficult to work with and easily influenced. But with your prayers, barriers can be broken and these young people with no future in prison can make a decision for their lives and know the plan of God for them. The Youth for Christ team and I are excited to work there and to take up this challenge.
  • The school ministry is still going on and lots of positive results are being found in lives of some of the students. One of the students is doing a wonderful work. He took the teachings that we did in school and talked about it to his friends in his village. The young men there found it very interesting and they invited me to their village to talk with them. So I’ve been there one Saturday evening. To my great surprise, sixteen young men were waiting for me. We spent a nice moment sharing the word of God, and lots of questions were asked of me concerning various issue such as hell, heaven, drugs, and sexuality. It was just fantastic. I brought some bibles with me and let them see on their own what is written in the bible concerning their questions. They want the Youth for Christ team to come back this month and they will invite other girls and boys in the surrounding villages to come and they even asked to establish regular activities in their village.