Believer Program Provides Special Camp Experience for Ukraine’s Youth

from Nadya Gural, Youth for Christ Social Ministry Coordinator

Youth for Christ in the Ukraine is rejoicing at how God has worked in the recent BELIEVER program that was organised for children from five day care centers (DC Khmelnytsky, DC Vovkovyntsi, DC Antonivka, DC Cherepova, DC Gulevska Sloboda) of Khmelnytsky and Vinnyts region. Most of the children came from families that don’t have a Christian background.

The camp hosted 62 children, children from 8 to 16 years served by a team of 23 people. A recreation program was held outdoors in tents in the beautiful countryside with forest, river, and fresh air.

Morning exercises were held in a very creative way. Children were even awakened by a special team dressed as different characters. Leaders taught Bible lessons about Daniel and his friends, with an emphasis on how the kids could apply these lessons to their lives.

There were English lessons, too, with songs, words, games etc. Sports, pool and all-camp games brought children a lot of excitement, adventures, victories and of course, prizes. Festive and unusual evening programs included “Intuition” and “Ukraine’s Got Talent”. For the evening banquet and carnival, children each chose a country and came under its banner with its costumes, singing its national anthem.

Each group had one night of special performances. There were dramas, skits, songs, special greetings and even letters to God. For two days the children played Secret Angel, and then guessed by the fire who was whom. The food was just amazing, very tasty and nourishing.

God has blessed this program tremendously, as evidenced by the happy faces of the grateful children. The counselors and all the team worked very hard to give these children the very best. We believe that much spiritual fruit will come from these young children, whose hearts and lives have been changed for the better.

Youth for Christ would like to thank their partners for their vital and faithful prayers and support.