Rodrigo grew up on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, eventually becoming a key leader in a street gang. This young Brazilian’s job was to smuggle weapons into soccer matches past police and ground staff. After the match his gang would divide the weapons and begin massive street brawls with rival gangs.

One day, a group of women approached Rodrigo and told him that they were ‘prayer mothers’ from Youth for Christ in Brazil and they were praying for him every day.

It was not long after this encounter that Rodrigo was separated from his gang during a street brawl. He was severely beaten and close to death. When his gang found him, he was taken to the hospital, dropped on the front steps and abandoned.

Rodrigo woke up in that hospital to see a group of ‘prayer mothers’ around his bed. He recalls, “When I looked into their eyes, I saw the love of Jesus.” It was that love that melted his heart and drew him into a relationship with Jesus.

After coming to Christ, Rodrigo’s life journeyed in a whole new direction. He was equipped by Youth for Christ to effectively minister to gangs, a role he filled for a number of years. He was empowered to lead and given ministry leadership opportunities. Today he is working in full-time ministry with a local church and continues in ministry with Youth for Christ reaching other gang members.

With your help, Youth for Christ is engaging, equipping, and empowering hundreds of thousands of Rodrigos around the world to impact their world for Christ each and every day.