His brother was just out of jail and he was heading in the same direction. As one of the Netherlands’ Caribbean immigrants, Lionel was an unchurched teenager with only trouble ahead. That is, until he was invited to join the “Divine Colours”, a Youth for Christ street dance group designed to engage young people on the streets just like him. Led by a Youth for Christ volunteer, the group tries to make contact with unchurched teens, teach them discipline, build positive self-esteem and eventually introduce them to Jesus.

Though not made up of Christian teens, the group performs to Christian music. Using a Caribbean pop version of “Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen” for instance, provides the volunteer coordinator an opportunity to share the meaning of the song. As the group performs in churches and at other events, they hear Scripture and the message of Jesus.

For Lionel, it wasn’t a particular moment that turned him to Christ, but a process of hearing and understanding and, bit-by-bit, surrendering to Him. Lionel now leads the group, both musically and spiritually. He reads the Bible, prays for the group, picks out Christian music, goes to school, works, and tries to be a good example.

Lionel is still “coming around” as his Youth for Christ staff person says, but Jesus is continuing to make a life-changing difference in his life.