Project #MOSES Street Evangelism and Discipleship Launches in Russia

[Youth for Christ leaders in Russia found that] lost young people do not share the gospel with other people.

Youth for Christ has been praying about about how to serve the youth in St. Petersburg. Assessing the need, it was clear that most young people do not share the gospel with other people. Many are afraid, shy or simply do not know how to preach the gospel. It was with this in mind that Project #MOSES was created.

Project #Moses consists of street evangelism and discipleship, training for those who are to preach the gospel, case studies with different tools for evangelism, and creating teams in each local church for evangelism in the city.

Why “Moses”? Youth for Christ leaders in Russia believe that they are called to be Moses for their friends and relatives, for neighbors, for society and the city, for the country and, of course, for the whole world. And, like Moses, their desire is to call people out of slavery and darkness and into the kingdom of light.

During the World Cup, several young people started to go to the center of the city with various creative projects on Evangelism. This continues to take place weekly. Participants share the gospel, pray for people, exchange contacts with people and continue to work with them.