Creating a Home for Youth in Ireland

He knows he has people in the HUB to do life with!

In November, Youth for Christ secured a building in Mullingar (Ireland) to have a permanent Drop-in center where young people can come and hangout. The building will also act as a base for Youth for Christ in Ireland. Called ‘MY HUB’, which stands for Midlands Youth HUB, the HUB will act as a collective outreach by all the churches in Mullingar to all the young people of Mullingar; it’ll be a ‘home for youth’.

This is a big answer to prayer for the leadership of Youth for Christ in Ireland. Their Big Dream is to have five such places opened by 2025. The story below highlights why Hubs are so pivotal for ministry in Ireland.

“We met Dylan in a school’s Alpha series [intro to faith/discipleship course]. He came into the Drop-in and felt like he belonged there. Over time he came with us into the local churches to help deliver our Rock Solid clubs with the young people there. We’ll keep giving Dylan activities to do until he feels comfortable in sharing his new faith in Christ. As we encourage him, he’ll get to embrace church from a different perspective, not as a consumer, but a place where he can use his gifts to help his younger peers and as a family where he can belong. He knows he has people in the HUB to do life with!”