Much to Celebrate in Ukraine’s Day Center Ministry

yfcuIt’s a beautiful thing when  former students become volunteers and give back to the same group from which they came. Such was the case recently in Ukraiine.

Tanya, a former Day Center participant who recently graduated has become a volunteer, and is taking more and more responsibility every year. The Day Centers, a social ministry of Youth for Christ in the Ukraine, recently celebrated a “Joint Party”  in Khmelnytsky. It was the third graduation and ninth anniversary of the center there.

This graduation party took place at the local Baptist church premises in very cozy atmosphere. Thirty guests of the event came, including Day Center students and their parents. Together, they celebrated with volunteers and graduates of previous years and a pastor of the church who prayed and blessed the teens and their families.

Adding to the celebration, a new Day Center has been opened in Letychiv (also in the Khmelnytsky region).