Hope Anew for Graduates of Crisis Pregnancy Rehab Program in Kenya

Anna M Musya, Ngwiri, National Director, Youth For Christ, Kenya

kenyaminA ministry of Youth for Christ in Kenya is intervening to empower vulnerable women who have had (or currently have) a crisis pregnancy.

Teaching life skills and providing training aimed at enabling her to become self-reliant, the Crisis Pregnancy Ministry trains young women  in areas such as discipleship, craft making, tailoring, weaving and cookery. The centre is also involved in selling their home made items such as vikoi’s, table clothes, bags, necklaces and liquid soap which are made by the student mothers.

A recent milestone in the life of many of the women was a cause for celebration. A class of 30 ladies/women recently graduated at the Crisis Pregnancy Rehab Centre in Satellite, after learning skills in tailoring, making paper jewelry, liquid soap, woolen mats and a host of other short subjects. Some have gotten employment, while others are self employed because of the different skills acquired.

Their first visit to the Centre might have been one of fear of the unknown, and overwhelming circumstances pushing them to brokenness, hopelessness and poverty. A graduation celebration at the end of 2014 noted the great strides these young women have made in getting their lives back together through counseling, bible study times, and a lot of conversations. The journey is not over yet in their lives, as, with all of us, God is always working in us both to will and to act according to His good pleasure.

The graduation of these remarkable young ladies serves as a reminder that nothing is impossible with God, and no situation is impossible for Him to work through. These ladies are evidence that even when the darkest or the longest night has come, there will be a brighter day; there will be another day to smile again. There is always hope.

Thank you for continuing to pray for this graduating class, that God would bless them and the work of their hands – also thanking God for giving them hope and joy again.

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