Ministry in Sierra Leone

Following is a brief ministry report from Sierra Leone:

Discipleship and leadership training for Operation Hannah: This initiative of mothers praying for their children is doing well. The purpose of this training was to strengthen and equip the various leadership teams in the churches. New groups have emerged both in Freetown, Bo and Kenema.

The Youth Guidance ministry successfully traced families of 23 inmates, at both the Approved school and Remand home, reuniting 20 young people from street kids’ ministry and detention centers with their parents. Two of the street kids are now in school.

Thank God with us for the gains made in one to one evangelism in Freetown. Reaching out to seven communities 277 young people were witnessed to with 125 making a decision to follow Christ. Pray for the undecided 50. Thank God for the 81 that were followed up and the two that are attending discipleship classes in the Youth for Christ ministry centre.