From Neil O’Boyle, Asia Pacific Area Director

I am excited to report that Endo has risen to the challenges that Japan faces by finding a unique need. He has provided bicycles with trailers to the disaster stricken areas. Many of the roads are damaged and transport has failed to be able to reach people in need. Endo initially was able to send on 20 bikes with now many more to follow. At this moment in time the appeal has raised over $20,000. Youth for Christ in Hong Kong has encouraged many schools to write over 10,000 notes in Japanese to students who have been directly impacted by the disaster along with small gifts. We are so grateful to the many who have responded so positively to this appeal.

Kazunori Endo, Japan National Director, writes:

“I have come so they may have life and have it abundantly.” John 10:10

This verse explains about our eternal life and life on earth but we can also apply this truth to the recovery process of the disaster. The recovery process has two different stages, but they sometimes go together. “Have life” stage is to get back to the same level of lives as before. We help them with their daily supplies, homes and clothes. The goal should be feeling safe in the condition. “Have it abundantly” stage is to add something in their lives. It can be excitement, interest or happiness.

We started a project which leads to the “Have it abundantly” stage. We call it “Manna Project”.

Manna Project 1 is to give bike trailers to mothers, fathers and kids in the devastated area. The trailers can be used without any fuel, carry things and children, help a fellowship between parents and children. Youth for Christ provides bike trailers to the local churches and volunteers in the area which will also help their future mission.

Manna Project 2 is the mission cooperating with Youth for Christ in Hong Kong. David Chu, the National Director, encouraged the Hong Kong teens to write cards to Japanese teens in the disaster area. Now they have more than 10,000 written cards and small gifts ready to send to Japan. We hope that those cards will be the beginning of friendship between young people of the two countries after such tragic quake and tsunami disasters.

I went to the disaster area twice and talked with the people there. The church pastors were very tired because they have hosted volunteer teams for more than three weeks in a row after the quake. They were very patient and doing very well in their situation. Please pray for them and their families. But I also believe strongly that the churches are shining in the long process of the recovery.