Leadership Training School in Bulgaria prepares 70 for full time ministry

Mark Dodrill, National Director of Youth for Christ in Spain, recently reported on the growing ministry in Bulgaria:

The ministry in Bulgaria is growing at a surprising rate.

One of the latest projects is a leadership training school (really a seminary). A Youth for Christ volunteer has a Ph.D. in theology and runs the school along with Ruben and other teachers from a Christian University in the capital Sophia. There are currently 70 people preparing for full-time ministry.

They do 15 days of intensive study every two months. Then there is a weekly evening program with about 12-15 lay preachers who help out in the different church planting situations that Ruben and his team lead.

Added to this are the youth meetings and retreats. They were recently in Macedonia with all the young people from some 40 churches in that region.

The team has recently decided to run the ministry as mainly one for evangelism and leadership training. They plan to turn over the new congregations to the most similar denomination in each case.