Christchurch Earthquake

Please pray for the city and all those trying to cope after the major earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Reports from our Youth for Christ friends in New Zealand related to the 6.3 earthquake that struck Christchurch on February 22nd:

The Mission Leadership Team Prayer Update from Youth for Christ in New Zealand reports:

Pray especially for Tracy and her family and Botros and his family. We have heard from Tracy, who is home alone with her family being away, that she is OK but very shaken. Her house has suffered some structural damage this time, with the chimney coming down. We have also heard that Botros and family are OK.

And from Glen Bennett, Mission Leadership Team, New Zealand:

Thank you for your concern and care for those effected by the Christchurch earthquake yesterday. I was with our Incedo colleagues and volunteers in Christchurch only 3 days ago.

I have spoken with Tracy Bedford and Botros Morgan who are our Incedo members in Christchurch. They are both unhurt, their families are safe and they have received little damage to their homes.

As you can imagine they are very shaken, in a state of shock and have an airy feeling about what is going to happen next. There has been a number of large aftershocks and little sleep was had over night.

Below is an email that Botros sent out last night:

“We are all good and safe.  Yes, it was a big shock but God has kept us safe and no damage at home. I sent a message to Tracy and she replied that everything is OK at her home.We feel sad about those who were trapped. At the Incedo office nothing major except falling of shelves, speakers and some other stuff, but no damage. Thanks for your care and love.  Thanks for those who texted, too. We feel your love and prayers.”

We’ve been warned that the death toll will rise, 65 confirmed dead already. The coming hours and days are going to be very scary for those in Christchurch and for us as a nation. Please keep the people of Christchurch in your prayers. We will keep you updated on any further developments.