“Jesus Revealed Himself to Me!”

Moments before praying together, a Youth for Christ staff person had this conversation with a teenage girl who had starting cutting herself to help cope with her depression. The parents of this teenage girl were distraught to find their daughter in so much pain and reached out to a local female YFC staff. They asked the female YFC staff to counsel, mentor and pray with their daughter. Here is their recent story:

“I’m going to pray that God reveals Himself to you” the staffer shared with the teenage girl.

“I can’t pray that! God will strike me down with lightning for what I have been doing!” the teenage girl continued, “are you not afraid of asking God to reveal Himself?”

“Not at all,” replied her mentor, “We can be assured of Gods love because of Jesus!”

After encouraging the teenage girl some more, both our staff and this teenage girl prayed that God would reveal himself to the hurting young person.

Two nights later, the teenage girl had a dream.

In her dream, a man came and stood before her. He gently reached out and touched her arms where she had been cutting herself. Instantly, in the dream the teenager was filled with joy, peace and a sense of hope. The places in which she had been cutting and hurting herself the man addressed and assured her of His love and comfort in her pain.

The next day the teenage girl shared her dream with her Youth for Christ friend and mentor,

“Jesus revealed himself to me! He touched my arms and filled me with hope, joy and love. I was so comforted by Him being near me!” she exclaimed!

As the staff leader shared this recent story with my wife and I, we began to rejoice and worship the Lord! I was reminded and now remind you that Jesus loves people! He is actively seeking to reveal his love to people and asking us to join Him in His work.