Forced to Quit School

In one nation where Youth for Christ operates, the soccer ministry, girls’ ministry, drama, training, counselling and sports ministries are continuing to flourish. Last year, Youth for Christ’s goal in this nation was to reach 1,000 young people with the Gospel. By the end of the year, they surpassed that goal and reached around 2,500.

In their girls’ ministry, our Youth for Christ staff help young teenage girls from unhealthy environments by teaching them about life and hygiene. Through this ministry many girls encounter the love and hope they can have in Christ.

Amal, a young girl in this sensitive nation, was one of those reached by this ministry. Her family had forced her to quit school and to work in a factory. Amal felt hurt, used, and exploited. This created a deep wound inside her.

Amal began attending the girls’ ministry. Mariam, one of Youth for Christ’s full-time staff, began to care for her. Amal felt something different: love and acceptance. God’s love broke through in a way she could understand. Amal decided to accept the Lord Jesus as her Saviour and was able to forgive her family for the way they treated her.

Amal has since joined a literacy program and started to read the Bible. Amal is currently one of the volunteer prayer warriors in Youth for Christ’s intercessory ministry.