Jamaica Gearing Up for National Sports, Talent Events

From Rev. Dexter Johnson, National Director

The ministry of Jamaica Youth For Christ continues to be the premier Christian youth organisation on the island. The theme for this year is ‘It’s a New Season; Lets Build’.

Jamaica Youth for Christ is planning to host a National Sports Day, National Convention and National Talent for Christ Competition in 2012 for the sole purpose of spreading the gospel and impacting the youth of Jamaica.

Jamaica YFC has also started new programmes like the Rapid Youth Prayer Arm and Lunch Hour among others. Two branches recently restarted and a third is underway as a director was just named.

March 9-11, Youth for Christ partnered with local ministries for the “Discover Jesus Mission” where 23 young people made decisions to follow Jesus.

Thank you for continuing to pray for the ministry of Jamaica Youth for Christ.