Reaching Young People in Nicaragua

From Alberto Leiva, National Coordinator of Nicaragua YFC

January and February were busy months for Nicaragua Youth for Christ.

Missionary Visitors

John and Karen Selph visited from Chicago for three days, encouraging staff to keep up the good work. John is the Director of the Juvenile Justice Ministry of Metro Chicago Youth for Christ.

Friends Gene and Dawn Whitehurst of Surpassing Grace Ministries from Dallas shared a Discipleship Course training with 19 volunteers for two weeks.

On February 28, Nicaragua YFC hosted Grace Presbyterian Church mission team from Springhill, Florida who came to spend time and share with the ladies who have been working as volunteers.

School Program

Youth for Christ’s school program is becoming a challenge this year as many students are finding no reason to continue with their education. This is because the cost of living has increased and many of them cannot afford their expenses. Most of them are thinking of quitting school to start working.

As a result, Nicaragua YFC has started a program called“A Life’s Plan”. The goal is to help young people dream and recognize that the Lord has given them the tools they need to succeed. God created them with a perfect plan, and hopefully this new program will help them discover God’s plan

Soccer League

There are 180 young boys participating in Nicaragua YFC’s soccer league. This soccer league is led by Marcelo, a young man who came to ask for help and support with sports material and evangelism.  Marcelo and his wife Anabel are strong Christians. They have a great heart for teenagers and young people. Marcelo heard about what Youth for Christ was doing in the schools and streets so he inquired about how Youth for Christ could work with him in his dream to reach young people. He knows a lot about soccer and now YFC is teaching him how to introduce Jesus to the young people he is coaching.