Island Youth Learning Biblical Leadership

From Dickson Azie, National Director

Youth for Christ in Rodrigues Island was recently privileged to host the new East Indian Ocean Islands Regional Director to the island of Rodrigues for the first time. Ravo Ravoniandro spent five fruitful days in Rodrigues, with different activities prepared to correspond with his visit to the island.

On the arrival of Mr. Ravo to Rodrigues, about twenty five young people, especially leaders of different association of youth in Rodrigues, were invited to the centre of Youth for Christ at Citronelle for a session on leadership. The session was a real success. The youth who attended were very happy, noting it was the first time for them to open a Bible as the session presented various Scriptural references about leadership.

Please pray that God will continue to work in the hearts of these young leaders and that they can make a decision to follow Christ and be part of His kingdom.