Korean Wave to Deliver Gospel Globally

Who in Asia is unaware of the Korean Wave? If for some reason you have not heard of it, the Korean Wave refers to a significant uprising of South Korean music and entertainment that is currently impacting young people all across Asia. Stadiums are packed out and DVDs are sold by the truck load. The Korean Wave is one of the greatest influences on Asian young people.

At the start of June, a number of leaders from South East Asian nations were invited to Korea to attend a special concert prepared just for Youth for Christ leaders by KWJM (Korean Wave Jesus Movement). The concert involved 6 different groups – all Christian K-Pop bands who are willing to travel to any nation with Youth for Christ ministry and run K-Pop concerts where the Gospel will be presented.

Staff who attended report that every performance they viewed was of the highest calibre and very impressive. Several bands are famous both within and outside of Korea.

If you would be interested in receiving a K-POP band or bands to advance the gospel within your context, contact the Asia Pacific office using the form below.