Creativity and innovation are traits Youth for Christ young leaders display in abundance. Irene Lin exemplifies these traits. With a Master’s degree in communication, she joined Youth for Christ in Taiwan with a vision to reach Taiwanese youth where they “live” and play: online.

Irene and a team of five other gifted professionals set out to create a virtual world to reach their young people. In the face of much opposition and scepticism, this team of young leaders created “Walei World” (Walei meaning “cool” in Mandarin).

In its first year of operation, more than 17,000 members signed up, 72% of which were non-Christians without any church affiliation. 1,880 young people became Christians, approximately 4,000 young people were counselled for other issues, 28 face-to-face outreach programs were conducted and the Walei team worked with 281 public schools and 33 local churches.

Walei now has a membership of approximately 40,000 regular users and is seeing thousands of young people come to faith in Christ each year.

As for Irene, she is now the National Director of Youth for Christ in Taiwan.