BJ’s mother left when he was six years old. Left behind, and often caring for his disabled older brother while his father’s alcoholic binge drinking escalated, BJ plunged into depression and despair.

When BJ began high school his father remarried and the physical abuse began. Afraid for his own safety, BJ approached his school guidance counselor and explained that he no longer felt safe to be at home. BJ was taken away from his family and placed in foster care.

BJ’s Christian foster carer heard about Youth for Christ’s free Youth Guidance Christmas Camp and sent him along. Almost immediately, BJ sensed that there was something different about the atmosphere. The kids didn’t judge.

By the week’s end, BJ had also come to experience the acceptance of Jesus Christ, and made a decision to become a Christian. BJ says that knowing Jesus has changed his day-to-day life because he relies on God, not himself.

Instead of living for something that’s just a temporary high, he began living for something that lasts forever.

BJ completed his high school education and now works for the Royal Australian Air Force. Since then he attended Christmas Camp as a leader, keen to impart something into the lives of the young people present, as someone once did for him. In doing so, BJ had the privilege of leading another young man to Christ and starting the cycle again.

The next BJ has begun his journey.