Fruitful Efforts in Burundi

Pascal from YFC Burundi is elated to share his pioneering efforts in evangelizing schoolchildren and young people in Rumonge, located in the southern part of Burundi. During his outreach, the young pupils were deeply moved, shedding tears as they heard the Good News and reflected on the challenging circumstances they had faced. Many of these young individuals courageously opened up about their personal struggles and, through this process, embraced Jesus as their Savior. This transformation was remarkable to witness. Additionally, Pascal generously distributed New Testament bibles as gifts to these young hearts, further nurturing their newfound faith.

In an effort to sustain this spiritual growth, Pascal initiated a Bible club at one of the schools within the commune. The club convenes every Wednesday, drawing in students who are always keen to learn more and listen to the teachings. This initiative has become a beacon of hope and spiritual guidance for the students, significantly impacting their lives through the Gospel of Christ. Pascal’s work underscores a profound journey of faith and transformation, celebrating the positive changes in the lives of these young individuals, all to the glory of God.