The Journey of Community and Connection

In the vibrant tapestry of Youth for Christ (YFC), both in Italy and across the globe, a unique approach to evangelism unfolds—one that weaves together individual narratives into a greater, more divine story. This approach isn’t just about sharing; it’s about intertwining lives. It’s about how my personal journey and your personal journey are not isolated paths but are interwoven threads that, together, can become part of a much larger narrative: God’s story.

This perspective shifts the focus from individualism to community, highlighting a fundamental truth: the Gospel isn’t a tale for solitary wanderers but a story of a people united—a family, a community. This truth resonates deeply within us, echoing a need for connection that’s etched into our very DNA by our Creator. This yearning for community becomes especially pronounced during the teenage years, a pivotal time when young individuals seek meaningful relationships beyond their family circles, yearning to be part of something greater.

One of the ways we experience this sense of belonging is through inter-ecclesial gatherings. For many young people, these events offer tangible evidence of being part of a larger story. Although such gatherings are just one of many ways to experience community, and not without their limitations, they hold significant value for youths seeking connection. It’s with great enthusiasm that YFC supports and encourages events like Reshaped, where hundreds of young individuals come together to worship, listen to God’s Word, and simply be with one another. The recent Reshaped Milan, attended by over 550 young people, is a testament to the power of these gatherings in fulfilling our communal yearning.

The story of Luca*, a young man who found solace and understanding within the church after feeling isolated and misunderstood, exemplifies the impact of being part of God’s larger narrative. Luca’s journey from attending a skate event to finding community and support within the church underscores the importance of “being there” for young people. Our ministry is built on the belief that genuine connections often form in informal settings—through camps, events, or just spending quality time together—where young people feel valued and heard without any underlying motives.

Let’s Talk to Luca*

  • How old are you?

    21 years old

  • ⁠ ⁠What’s one of the biggest challenges you face?

    The biggest challenge I am facing is finding a job. I feel very anxious about it because unfortunately I have already had some work experience but I was fired because I wasn’t fast and competent enough.

  • Do you feel those who are older than you understand you? Why? In what way?

    I often feel alone and judged and made fun of by others. I have been attending church for a year and I feel at peace there and I have found some adult people who listen to me and I also feel welcomed.

  • Do you talk to anyone about this challenge you’re facing?

    I have had the opportunity to speak to the youth leader at the church and I meet regularly with a YFC staff member who I have the opportunity to talk to more about my difficulties.

Our mission in YFC is not just about organizing events; it’s about fostering environments where young individuals can discover their place within God’s grand story. We strive to create spaces where they can connect, share their struggles and aspirations, and feel part of a community that welcomes and understands them. As we continue to support and develop initiatives that bring young people together, our prayer is that churches everywhere will recognize and embrace the opportunity to nurture the next generation, guiding them towards discovering the beauty and fulfillment of being woven into God’s enduring narrative.

Let’s continue to share our stories, intertwine our journeys, and together, find our place in the beautiful, unfolding story that God is writing in our world.

*Luca’s story is shared with permission, and his name has been changed to protect his privacy.