Czech Lighthouse Program Off to a Great Start

In the inaugural weeks of the new school year, the Lighthouse program is off to a promising start, as reported by its enthusiastic leaders. Terezka and fellow leaders express genuine delight over the positive developments. The group has notably welcomed three girls, aged between 9 and 11, marking a significant gender diversity milestone. Additionally, a few new boys have joined the ranks, including one unfamiliar face. The regular attendance of 7 to 10 teenagers has injected vibrancy into the program.

Weekly gatherings continue to take place on Thursdays, featuring Rock Solid programs, occasional outdoor excursions, and boxing matches rounding off each session. Noteworthy is the introduction of three new leaders—Caity, an American missionary residing in Hradec Kralove, and two individuals from the Hlinsko congregation, Ivka and Martina. While their participation is sporadic, their contributions are recognized as valuable support and encouragement.

Mirka, a former Lighthouse leader from two years prior, intermittently rejoins the team in a different capacity. Her role involves facilitating trips to the Immanuel Conference Center and coordinating Rock Solid events.

A heightened focus on communication with the wider community has been instigated, with the program now accessible on social media platforms such as Facebook (majakhlinsko) and Instagram (@majak.hlinsko). The leaders, in their commitment to transparency, have implemented a new communication system. After each club meeting, they share reflections on what inspired them, areas for improvement, and noteworthy changes since the last gathering. This approach has been embraced with genuine enthusiasm by both leaders, fostering a deeper sense of connection within the Lighthouse community.