A Time for Harvest in Australia

While battling suicidal thoughts, a young man in Australia stumbled upon a social media post talking about Jesus. Intrigued and moved, he reached out via text, connecting with a missionary. In conversation for over an hour, the missionary offered support and encouragement. This encounter ignited a profound transformation within the young man, compelling him to wholeheartedly surrender his life to Christ.

In Adelaide, a young woman identifying with the Hindu faith experienced a compelling draw to the message of Jesus. She began praying to Jesus and was astounded that her prayers were being answered. Wanting to know more, she contacted a local missionary, expressing her desire to know more about Jesus, and candidly sharing her personal needs. Together, she and the missionary prayed about her needs and, to her amazement, her prayers were answered in just a few weeks. This experience solidified her conviction that Jesus is the only way to salvation and it has propelled her on her discipleship journey.

Roaming the internet in Melbourne, another young man encountered a social media post spotlighting Jesus’ words in vivid red. Intrigued and inspired, he engaged a Facebook community, sharing his fascination with Jesus’ teachings. This led to a one-on-one conversation and a life-altering decision to surrender his life to Christ, all transpiring within the same week.

All these encounters began through The Harvest, a missional network working with many churches and ministries, including Youth for Christ Australia. Using social media as well as in-person outreaches in parks, on beaches, and in other outdoor areas, they are engaging thousands of young people in conversations about Jesus.

“As we have been getting together with other partners, and the wider body of Christ in Australia, we’ve seen significant shifts in furthering the gospel and seeing many people come to follow Christ,” said Cindy McGarvie, Youth for Christ Australia National Director.