A Summer Camp in Lebanon Changes Young Lives

reported by Michal Merhej, Youth for Christ staff member in Lebanon


Liquid Worship in the morning—’Be Still’’

The word “Revolution” took on a whole new meaning for a bunch of teenagers last week at Youth for Christ’s Summer Camp in Lebanon.


I can only say that after months of asking God to meet us at camp and make a change in the life of these precious teens, He finally did just that, in a very special way!

With 79 teenagers, and 21 leaders, the camp was entitled “Revolution 5.6”, which stands for chapters 5 and 6 of Matthew. A fantastic speaker, Phil Cann, did a great job as he inspired campers to start their own revolution, by saying “yes” to God’s plans!

At the end of camp over 80% of the campers professed that they had taken a serious decision or commitment, whether to follow Christ, read the Bible every day, live out a better Christian life or other personal decisions regarding their walk with God.

God was obviously present. During worship time, we could see God touching the lives of many as they worshipped, wept and surrendered before God. He gently captivated their hearts with His love.

“You know, during camp I hated the worship sessions most, but now it’s the songs that I hated most that I can’t get out of my head.”


Liquid Worship—’What are you thankful for?’

It was a revolution indeed, that none of the campers wanted to continue being the same person they used to be before camp. And there is nothing greater than seeing teenagers eager and hungry to follow Christ and to honour Him in their lives.

What an awesome God we serve!

At camps there are always things that don’t go according to plan; we suffered with a water shortage for the first couple of days, and the weather was extreme, however, when it came to the food everybody was so thankful. We had a group of lovely ladies who volunteered to cook, and we enjoyed delicious meals for the whole seven days.

Follow-up meetings are taking place at the Youth for Christ centre in Dekwaneh after camp—a Bible Study on the book of James had 46 young people attending the first meeting. Plus, there will be some social events organized throughout this month to keep in contact with everyone.

On Facebook campers are sharing with, and encouraging each other: “I just took a chance not to reject God, and it felt awesome!!! The person is making fun of me but I absolutely don’t care! Guys, take the chance and you’ll feel awesome!”

As the Youth for Christ family here in Lebanon we want to thank you for your prayers and all your support. We thank God for using you to bless this ministry young people in Lebanon. We want you to know that you are a blessing to every young person that has ever been to Youth for Christ.

May our wonderful God keep you and continue to use you.

Please continue to keep these teens in your prayers as they work out their faith, discovering God’s path for themselves, and seeing where their “yes” to God, will take them.

The crazy bunch of amazing young people—getting ready to play some very YUCKY games. Bring out the cow tongue!