Royal Servants Minister to Youth in Tombo

From Abu S Conteh, National Director of Sierra Leone Youth for Christ
By and large, all areas of ministry are impacting lives through His word and expressed love.

  • With the help and favour of God, a 42 member team of the Royal servants from the USA visited and ministered to young people. They ministered to young people in the northern area called Tombo. In addition, they ministered in the eastern part of Sierra Leone in drama and songs. This attracted over 300 young people in the two locations. They also visited the prison and hospital and a few donations of non-food items were made to four of the major ministry points in Freetown and in Kenema.  By God’s grace and the support of resident pastors, the trip was a success. Amongst the many we reached, a handful believed in and accepted Christ; the rest requested prayer. Please pray for seeds planted and those who are now following Jesus.
  • The street kids’ ministry is gradually taking root with the theme “change”. Some have realized the need for it and opted for skills training to help them become self reliant. These young people are amazing; they display so much wisdom, though in a negative way, in so much that they have designed their own vocabulary of words which can’t be understood outside their world. As such our love and commitment keeps increasing and believing that they have hope even though homeless.
  • CAMP: The annual August camp has created much awareness amongst young people who are ready in large numbers to attend. Interestingly our street kids are more than eager to attend. This will help them interact with other young people and see life differently. Eight of them have been picked to attend—will you pray?