Sodoo’s childhood dream was to be a circus artist because he wanted to bring smiles and happiness to people. At age 12 he joined the circus and became an acrobat, juggler and a clown, performing in a circus for 13 years.

Sodoo's Circus team was winning silver lion from international circus fe...

The Mongolian circus was internationally recognised because of Sodoo’s acrobatic skills, and as a result, the troop went on tour in Europe. It was there that he first heard the gospel.

Later, in 1998, Korean missionaries invited his troop to a concert and he said yes to Jesus. He became a youth pastor in 2001 and started pastoring a church in 2006. While attending an international youth conference in Hong Kong, he met the YFC Central Asia Regional Director. In 2013 Sodoo and his wife Gloria officially began Youth for Christ ministry in Mongolia.

Sodoo and Gloria at GA 2014

They have a team of 10 volunteers and hold youth clubs and cafes in the church and have started to rent their own space. The history of Christianity in Mongolia is young, only 24 years, but there are now 60,000 believers and 700 churches within a population of 2.7 million.

Sodoo says that he was able to realise his childhood dream and now he is realising another dream by bringing the joy of Jesus to others.

Your support enables the pioneering of ministry in new nations and provides people like Sodoo and  Gloria with training, mentoring and support to thrive in their new roles.

Pray for the young ministry in Mongolia, for Sodoo and Gloria, as they lead the ministry and for the young people of Mongolia, that many more will say yes to Jesus.