Staff in the Seychelles Reflect on Four Years of Ministry

Brian & Melissa Verdugo, World Outreach staff in the Seychelles

It has been four years since we moved to Africa to serve Jesus. Every  year, we reflect on what the Lord has done since we moved to Africa.

1Please join with us in praising God for what He has done in the last four years in our ministry:

  • 743 have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour
  • 1,251 people were discipled
  • Nearly 5,000 people were ministered to
  • 24 new ministry programs were pioneered, including a new national ministry
  • 392 African leaders have been trained in different types of ministry

Several of the Head Teachers (Principals) have commented about how much of a difference Campus Life is making in their schools. They are noticing changes in the students that attend Campus Life and some even said how there has been a reduction in fights on their campuses, they believe, because of Campus Life.

Philip, a man that attends our church, told us a few weeks ago that the Principal Counsellor in the Ministry of Education (third highest position) told him about a great program that was making such as difference in the schools; Campus Life. She didn’t know that Philip knew us. All five of the Campus Life Clubs are growing in attendance and the young people are growing in their relationship with the Lord.